Purpose and Acknowledgments


Dr. Timothy E. Eastman, President of Plasmas International, has grounded this plasma site on
30 years of experience in the field. In 1994 he launched the newsgroup sci.physics.plasma. That same year, he created the first web site dedicated exclusively to plasmas and mounted a major upgrade in 1999.

This site is based upon but exceeds in scope and function its sister site "plasmas.org."


This web site provides up-to-date information on
all aspects of plasma science, technology, and applications. We feature current resources, quality information and extensive links. The world stands at the beginning of a "plasma age" with breakthrough technologies that will soon transform the landscape of 21st century living. This web site will keep you updated on emerging scientific and technological discoveries. It is an independent site that is not indebted to any company, organization, or country.


We are grateful to numerous organizations and individuals for their contributions, direct and indirect, in the preparation and construction of the non-commercial web site "plasmas.org" on which this site is based.

Suggestions are welcome.